VA and Government Income Benefit Presentations for Senior Living Community Residents

Educational Videos and Workbooks to Help Senior Living Communities Sign Up New Residents

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This marketing system, from the National Care Planning Council, will increase your facility occupancy by remotely or locally educating potential residents about government programs to boost their incomes. Having more in-pocket cash from the government will allow potential or existing residents to afford to live in your community. You will create ongoing webinars or local presentations, using a narrated educational video, that addresses 12 little-understood benefit programs for veterans or their survivors. You also receive a second narrated educational video on Medicare and Medicaid from the NCPC to create other presentations as well.

Veterans Benefits for Residents of Senior Living Communities

45 - Minute Educational Video with Printable Workbook
Unlimited Use within your community

This video introduces 12 little-known veterans benefits available to aging seniors. Based on government statistics, about 1 out of 5 of your existing residents or potential residents could be eligible. These benefits provide additional income for these individuals to help fund their stay in your community.

Veterans Benefits Workbook


Open the Veterans Benefits Workbook (PDF)

Government Benefits for Residents of Senior Living Communities

26 - Minute Educational Video with Printable Workbook
Unlimited Use within your community

This video discusses Medicare services for nursing home, home health care and hospice. Medicaid rules are explained and Medicaid planning strategies to preserve assets from Medicaid spend down are addressed. Prior planning can help your current residents and potential residents retain more assets and income.

Government Benefits Workbook


Open the Government Benefits Workbook (PDF)


Since about 1 out of 5 seniors is a veteran or survivor of a veteran, you have the potential of increasing your occupancy up to an additional 20% – through helping veterans or survivors boost their incomes. So how much more income can up to 20% of the senior community receive from veterans income benefits? A veteran’s widow currently making $1,500 a month might increase her income to $2,700 a month or up to $3,400 a month depending on the survivors benefit. A veteran couple making $2,200 a month might increase their income anywhere from $4,400 a month up to $6,200 a month, depending on the veterans benefit.

Here are the current VA Benefit Income Rate Tables (PDF)

This unique marketing approach addresses veterans benefits income opportunities that are in some cases significantly more beneficial than the Aid and Attendance Benefit, which you likely are aware of. Not only do we provide training on the Aid and Attendance Benefit – which only represents 8% of all VA claimants – but we also provide training for an additional 8 veterans income opportunities, representing the other 92% of veterans disability benefits. These are benefits that often produce more income, but are frequently overlooked by your local veterans claims representatives.

The National Care Planning Council has designed this educational marketing approach using a narrator who is an expert in the area of government benefits. This expert will appear to be working directly with your community. That is the image that we want to project. The 2 video presentations – a presentation for veterans benefits and a presentation for Medicare and Medicaid benefits – are designed so attendees will look to you for further support as the sponsor of the educational encounter. At the end of the videos, our narrator refers viewers to your organization.

In addition, the NCPC is behind you and we will refer you to reliable veterans claims representatives or other experts for your residents AT NO COST TO YOU and only a nominal cost or no cost at all to your potential veterans benefits residents. We also provide you detailed description and instructions on why this approach works and how to use the educational videos to sign up new residents for your community.

We have designed two full-color workbooks for each presentation, that contain copies of the slides along with printed copies of the narration. These are in PDF format. You can email these workbooks as attachments in PDF format directly to your potential attendees. Or you can print out the workbooks in black and white or color and provide them directly to attendees at your facility. Or you can mail the printed workbooks to remote attendees for webinars.

Read the 10-page PDF document below to understand how it all works
Complete Description of Our Marketing System and How to Use It (PDF)”

View each Workbook and Watch an Overview of the Presentations

Presentation Formats* and Options

    - In MPEG-4 (M4V) format on a flash drive

    - As a playable DVD

    - Online for anyone wishing to view either presentation (password-protected)

    The flash drive you receive also contains instructions and the PDF workbook versions of both videos. There are at least 3 strategies you can use with these educational marketing tools to attract new residents to your community for bed placement or to help existing residents maintain their current living arrangement.

    1. On-site presentations at your facility for existing and potential residents using the DVD on a large screen TV or the MPEG-4 with a projector

    2. Live or recorded webinars for potential residents using the MPEG-4 format

    3. Online access to both videos that we provide for you with a password

    *UPDATED YEARLY - Yearly updates of all materials to include any changes in rules as well as the most current income payment rates, co-pays or coinsurance for the various benefits will be provided at your request.

$145.00 | 2 Presentations with Workbooks

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